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Love Spongebob? Well now, the story is all yours! Read what's already written, then add whatever you think should happen next!

Spongebob and Patrick stood perfectly still, in the middle of Jellyfish feilds. They were waiting, patiently and quietly, to blend into the background. The jellyfish, growing more comfortable with their presense, drew even closer.

Suddenly, without warning, Patrick jerked and shouted
     "I STUPID." The jellyfish, now alert of their presense, sped off.

       "Patrick, what was that for?" Spongebob asked, crossing his arms.
      "I dunno, I just felt like doing it." Patrick replied, staring at nothing.
     "Well, don't do it again." Spongebob glanced around, trying to figure out if the jellyfish had hidden back in their hives, or if they'd just flown away from where him and Patrick were standing.

Spongebob suddenly had a pinching feeling on his back. Patrick was eating him!
     "Patrick!" he cried out, "Don't do that!" Spongebob screamed, running around in circles with the clueless Patrick on his back. The few jellyfish that had gathered once again buzzed off, and Spongebob finally managed to get Patrick off of his back.
     "Come on, let's go home." he said, feeling somewhat dissappointed.
     "Aw, but I wanted to catch some Jellyfish!" Patrick complained.
     "We can't, because you keep making all this commotion!" Spongebob felt his patience draining. "Let's go home, now."

They headed back towards the neighborhood, where Squidward was just beginning to enjoy some peace. But he didn't have to worry much, because on the way back home Patrick had fallen asleep standing on Spongebob's head. Spongebob gently lifted him off and set him on the ground next to his house.

Squidward looked up from his deckchair.
        "What are you doing, you complete idiots?"
        "Patrick fell asleep standing on my head, so I had to carry him home." Spongebob headed back to his pineapple. Patrick followed him, shouting "Aren't we gonna go back to jellyfish feilds?" but tripped over a rock and landed in Squidword's lap.
        "Hey, Squiddy!" said Patrick. "Whatcha doing?"
        "Well, I was relaxing until you two nincompoops came along!"
        "Squidward, are y ou mad at us" asked Spongebob.
        "Mad? Of course I'm not mad at you, Spongebob," he replied.
        Spongebob sighed. "Phew! For a second, I thought--"
        "I'M ABSOLUTELY FUIRIOUS AT YOU!" Squidward shouted.
        Patrick started crying.
        "So you're not mad at us?" asked Spongebob.
        "GO AWAY!"
        Patrick ran over to Spongebob. "Best to stay away from him when he's in one of his moods," he whispered, just loud enough for Squidward to hear.

You're the author! What happens next?

Be the star of your own story!