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Spongebob Squarepants Fan Club
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Featured Episode
The Camping Episode
Spongebob and Patrick are ready for camping! Oh, look who wants to come camping too! It's Squidward! Oh wait, Squidward doesn't know about the sea bears! Will he attract too much attention to the camp site, or will they be safe?


Welcome back, fellow fanatics! This your first time here? Please, take your time to look around, and just have fun.
Also, I've noticed that it's a little difficult for fans to figure out how to join the fan club. I'll be including a link on the home page from now on, that will take you directly to the form you need to fill in order to join. Thanks!
-Megan, founder of the Spongebob Squarepants fan club.

Join the Fan Club!

Featured Member
Devin Briggs,
Age 11


Featured Question
Q: How do I become a member of the fan club?
A: Click on the "Fan Club Members" page. It's the last link on the navigation strip at the top of the page.

Here is where the Biggest fans of Spongebob get together and share ideas and experiences. I'm including a page where, if you have any questions or comments on Spongebob, you can go there and share them. You can also read other's questions and comments, to see what they have to say about Spongebob!

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Check it out!!
I snapped some Pictures of me and Spongebob together!

Check it Out!

Your name or Nickname
What's YOU'RE favorite episode of Spongebob?
If you can't remember the name, explain about the episode.


Have a friend or relative that likes Spongebob just as much as you do? Friend or relative who doesn't know Spongebob? Go to the "Tell a Friend" page, and enter the information requested, and an email will be sent to that particular person with a referral and your name on it!

Alright, it's my turn to ask a question.
Every so often, there will be a new question here. If you could answer it, who knows, maybe you'll see your answer featured!

Your name or Nickname
What do YOU think is the saddest episode of Spongebob?


Featured Answer
Sent in by Lizzygirl
Q: What do YOU think is the saddest episode of Spongebob?
A: The one where Gary runs away.